The woman responsible for the ADAMA PARIS brand is called Adama Amanda Ndiaye. Of Senegalese origin, Adama, who was born in Kinshassa ex Zaire, perfectly embodies the multicultural designer of the new millennium.
Her parents belonged to the diplomatic corps, she grew up between several international metropolises and faced with cosmopolitan fashions she was able to forge her own style.
Adama who lives between, Paris and Dakar, is very influenced by urban fashion.

After studying economics and a brief stint in banking, Adama devoted himself entirely to his passion and took fashion lessons in Paris.
She launched the Adama Paris brand, followed by the creation of a fashion platform to promote her brand and that of other designers.

Adama is also the founder and the producer of many fashion events such as Dakar Fashion Week for 14 years, Afrika Fashion Awards which became “African Fashion Awards” (TMA) and Black Fashion Week Prague, Bahia and Paris and Montreal since 2010.
Adama and his team also launched “Fashion Africa Channel” the first 100% fashion African television channel in April 2014.

Its success with the media including CNN "African Voices" "in in April 2014, the cover of Monde Magazine in May 2014; is a great asset for its fight for the promotion of African women.
She also fights to promote female entrepreneurship in Senegal and Africa, as well as for fashion made in Africa for the world.

The brand Adama Paris

The Adama Paris style is more than a way of dressing: it also reflects the moods of contemporary women.
Openness to other cultures is now the order of the day for all women who refuse to submit to a reductive image, often defined by a single brand, a single culture.

The adama paris woman is a resolutely modern, elegant woman for whom the greatest luxury is to make things her own. The adama Paris line reflects this journey, this sharing, this intermingling between the West and Africa.

In the collections we often find the woven loincloth which is an organic cotton hand-woven by Senegalese artisans.
Fashion made in Africa for the world is the spirit of the Adama Paris brand.